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12th Oct 2023

This bad habit is actually good for your relationship, according to study

Any excuse!



Any excuse!

The most popular guilty pleasure that so many of us are guilty of is definitely binge-watching TV and Netflix shows.

Thanks to the invention of Netflix, we never have to wait 24 hours or a week for the next episode of our favourite series to come out… so naturally we watch five in a row – and sometimes more.

Even though there are several findings show that it’s not great for your health in general, it could be very good for your relationship – providing you watch things together as a couple of course.

There is no bigger annoyance these days than your other-half watching ahead on a show your were supposed to be watching together. It’s a very modern-day issue and seems trivial but a new study suggests that it’s actually important you do it together.

A new study has found that sharing fictional worlds can be extremely beneficial in relationships.

Some couples share the same friend group and this is said to be an important component for a healthy relationship, however it’s okay if you don’t.

Those who have separate social circles, can make up for it by having an interest in the same fictional world, be it a book, film or TV show.

Participants were asked how many mutual friends they shared, how much programme viewing they shared and how highly they rated their relationship.

The more the couple watch together, the higher they rated their commitment to one another.

“Activities that allow couples to expand their sense of shared identity are crucial to fostering love and intimacy between partners at all stages of relationship development.

Likewise, sharing a fictional social world in media, in turn, may enhance relationship quality.” The study said.

So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your relationship, head on over to Netflix.