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15th Sep 2016

The new iPhone update has RUINED one of our favourite childhood toys


Laura Holland


A lot of people have been complaining about the latest update for iPhones, iOS10. It came with quite a lot of unnecessary changes which has annoyed users, including a change to the unlock feature and a revamp of our beloved emojis.

Some other changes are still being noticed as people get to grips with the update and this latest one is shocking.

Think back to your childhood, what toys would you have cherished? Sylvanian Families, Polly Pockets and Trolls spring to mind. Along with those was My Little Pony – a set of cute coloured toy horses. They were number one on the Christmas lists back in the day.

The toys were based on a cartoon which followed the adventures of the ponies in Ponyland as they fought for survival against witches, trolls, goblins and all the other creatures.

Prepare to have your My Little Pony memories ruined, though, as someone has spotted a rather unfortunate addition to the iPhone since the update which changes how we will see our horse friends.

In the message app you can now send GIFs to your friends. While most of them are normal enough, the My Little Pony one is NSFW.

It was found after someone searched the word “butt” in the search panel of the app and what returned to them is not pleasant.

Brace yourself for what you’re about to see…

buttImage via Mashable

This is only half of the GIF with the real thing going further, unfortunately. According to the My Little Pony Wikia, the character in question is Fluttershy who represents the elements of kindness.

Who would do this to Fluttershy?