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15th Feb 2016

The Direction You Tilt Your Head When Going In For A Kiss Tells A LOT About A Relationship

Which way do you tilt?

Megan Cassidy

*Disclaimer* Before anybody panics and breaks up with their significant other by text, this is a generalisation and there are many factors that could influence the head tilt.

However, if your boyfriend tilts left, he probably hates you.


Seriously though, some interesting research has revealed that the direction in which you tilt has pretty big significance when it comes to your relationship with the person you are kissing.

Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan analysed images of romantic couples kissing compared with family members kissing.

They found that in romantic kisses, people almost always tilted right, whereas in family embraces, left was the norm.

The reason? Apparently it’s all in the brain.

The study’s lead researcher Jennifer Sedgewick noted: “Your brain is split into two halves: the left and right hemisphere.

“Activity on one side makes us focus on (or move toward) the opposite side.”

Jennifer explains that because our emotional circuitry is more often dominant in the right hemisphere, the left sides of our faces express more emotion than our right.

Thus, we want to give our romantic partner the more emotive side of our face, which means we tilt right to kiss.

We tend to kiss family members to the left because there is a different neural process at play here.

For those of you who intend on going home and subtly testing your partner’s affections with a challenging shift, bear in mind that there are other influencers at play.

For example, being a left-hander means you’re more likely to tilt left because your brain is wired in the reverse.

(Side note – this has changed the way we look at Noah and Allie’s relationship in The Notebook. IT WASN’T REAL)

Noah Allie

Noah Allie 1

Noah Allie 2

Noah Allie