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14th Nov 2016

Something remarkable is happening underground at New York subway stations

Last week Donald Trump was elected the President of The United States and well, to be honest, we’ve exhausted ourselves talking about how bad an idea that was.

In the aftermath, riots have already broken out. Protests started almost immediately, and at the weekend, one man was shot at an anti-Trump rally.

Incidences of racial hatred have broken out and been documented across Twitter.

Tweets shared by Genius senior editor Insanul Ahmed detail racism against Muslim Americans, Hispanic Americans and African Americans, as well as wider sexist incidents, with many of the perpetrators directly citing president-elect Trump and/or comments he has made.

They also show the climate of fear brought about in the United States, which is affecting schoolchildren as well as adults, and isn’t limited to just one part of the country.

What America, and the world craves now is positivity and it has come in the unlikeliest of places.

Subway Therapy invites commuters to take a post-it note and share a message of positivity.

“Subway Therapy is about making people smile, laugh, and feel less stress.  If someone wants to get something off their chest or has a burning question, I’m happy to be there for them. I believe that people grow and learn through dynamic conversation,” says founder Matthew Chavez.

The subway walls of New York were quickly adorned with colourful notes, feminist messages and hope.

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