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01st Jun 2018

Something beautiful is waiting at the finish line at this year’s Mini Marathon ladies!

You'll want to run!

Brought to you by Barilla.

Oh. My. God. YES!!

This year, around 35,000 women are expected to take part in the renowned Women’s Mini Marathon on Sunday, June 3. The huge number isn’t all that surprising as each year, we only hear how immensely fun, and full of camaraderie race day was.

Whether all these terrific women are walking, jogging or running towards the finish line, the remarkable and thoughtful reasons for getting involved are endless. Some run to champion autism awareness, cancer research, children’s hospitals, mental health, animal welfare, cystic fibrosis and countless more.

It’s an event that gives women the great feeling of sisterhood, plus that feel-good factor so it’s only fair that something utterly glorious be waiting at the finish line for all.

Well ladies, expect the most delicious nibbles, tasters and Italian cuisine by Barilla. (NOM!) Yep, the folks that bring us some of the most divine sauces and pastas are ensuring their Barilla Pasta Lab is catering to all participant’s needs after their lengthy (and strenuous) ordeal at the reunion area (Merrion Square South).

For the event, they’ve even flown in acclaimed Italian chef Roberto Cenci, ensuring only the finest Barilla dishes are served, specially created using the freshest of Italian ingredients.

*Mouth currently watering*

We can expect the likes of penne rigate with pesto genovese, potatoes and green runner beans. (NOM.)

Well we know where we’re running to after!

Brought to you by Barilla. Discover why Italians love Barilla. 

Barilla are bringing their Pasta Lab to the Women’s Mini Marathon. The iconic blue box will be serving authentic Italian recipes from renowned chef, Robert Cenci. A favourite in Italy for 140 years, Barilla only use the best italian ingredients to create their range of pastas and sauces. See more on Barilla’s website here.