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01st Apr 2018

Self-made millionaire has an interesting (but controversial) saving tip

Cathy Donohue

Budgeting is tough.

Particularly when life gets in the way…bills mount up, wedding season is approaching so all your spare cash is already accounted for and a summer holiday is usually on the wishlist too.

Anyway, apparently there’s a way we can make this saving lark work for the better, and it’s all down to putting aside a specific amount every day.

Brought to our attention by My Domaine, David Bach is the author of The Automatic Millionaire and he says that keeping an hour of your daily income is the way forward.

The self-made businessman was interviewed by Business Insider via Facebook Live on the very subject and explained his thinking in the below succinct statement.

“If you’re watching me and you’re in your 20s, literally all you have to do to change your whole financial life and never worry about money … is save one hour of your income a day, automatically”.

David explains more in the video below and whether you agree with his ideas or not, this is well worth a look.

Considering Bach managed to make himself a millionaire by the age of 30, we’ll be taking his advice on board (one step closer to that designer bag/trip of a lifetime/your own mortgage.)