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08th Mar 2013

Real-Life Rom Com – The Dublin DJ Who Married Velcro Girl

It's like a Meg Ryan movie that came to life... (it was 1998, Meg Ryan was probably still a big deal).

We’ve started penning our letters already…

Anyone else remember 2Phat? Launched in 1998, it was the RTÉ show that reunited Zig and Zag with their old co-host from The Den, Ray D’Arcy, and pitted fifteen friends/audience members each other in an attempt to win a scooter, (that was an AWESOME) prize in 1998 with a lot of fun along the way.

For many Irish males however, the real star of the show was Velcro Girl.  The stunning model would enter stride around the studio in a Velcro-covered catsuit, every week with three items stuck to her in order to give hints to a musical artist. 

One such love-struck youth, back in the day, was 98FM’s Dave Moore. Co-host of Dermot and Dave on the popular Dublin radio station now, but then a youth who was faced with a difficult call. Commitment to his team, or the woman of his dreams? 

Young Dave had fallen hard for Velcro Girl, but her appearance always came in the second half of the show, at the very same time he had to make his way to footie training. There was no Facebook or Twitter on which to air his woes… so naturally, he wrote the show a letter. 

The video above, which only surfaced on YouTube this week, shows what happened next – namely that Velcro Girl made a special appearance in the first half of the show just for Dave. 

But that was only the beginning. Ladies and gentlemen, they met, they fell in love, and THEY GOT MARRIED. hangs out in 98FM every Monday and Thursday (we tell them what to watch on the telly – listen in!) and so we heard the story first hand this week and felt it was too cute not to share, along with this super cute picture of Dave, Tracy/Velcro Girl and their two adorable babies Sam and Andrew.


They still like to dress up it seems…

It’s real-life rom com stuff… and inspiration. So who would you write your letter to? 

We’ve got some TV suggestions:

1)   Dermot O’Leary  – Once the show eventually gets axed The X Factor hottie can spend Saturday nights with us


2)   Ant & Dec – We know two for the price of one seems greedy, but how could you separate them?


3)   Mark Wright – Guilty pleasure. Stop judging.


4)   Gethin Jones – Good looks AND a super-cute accent, win!

5)   Dermot Whelan – Um… he told us about this story in the first place, and seemed highly offended when we couldn’t think of any good-looking Irish male TV presenters…