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08th Aug 2018

Our hearts! The DSCPA is holding Puppy Play Dates from now until Christmas

Olivia Hayes

Lads, our hearts.

If you fancy just taking some time to play with a little puppy then all your dreams have been answered.

The DSPCA has set up a Puppy Play Date events which will see you being able to spend 45 minutes with little pups aged between 8 weeks to 6 months. Again, OUR HEARTS.

All that is wanted is for the puppies to be in a fun and safe environment so they can learn social skills. It will also help any potential owners to bond with their puppies that could last a lifetime.

Each session is 45 minutes long and will take place every Saturday up until December. Sessions will start at 10am.

Speaking of the benefits of play dates for small pups, a spokesperson from King of Paws Dog Training Academy said: “Early puppy socialisation is critical.

“Puppies that grow up in isolation both from other dogs as well as from a wide variety of humans have a greater tendency to develop behaviour problems later in life such as fear-based aggression.  Puppy play dates are a great way to socialise puppies.”

Can you imagine a better way to spend your Saturday mornings? We sure can’t. You can find out more info here.