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23rd Jan 2016

PIC: This Has To The Most Awkward Irish Mam Text


Laura Holland

This has to be one of the most awkward texts anyone has received from their Mam.

Mams and technology usually don’t mix. Between pocket dials, accidentally muting phone calls and not being able to properly construct a text, they don’t seem to have the best luck.

When Mams are texting, it’s never straight forward. They use far too many abbreviations, not enough full stops and throw in random bits of information. They can also mortify us in a single text.

A Her reader got in touch with us to share a very awkward text she received from her Mam.

mam text

We recently shared some texts you’ve most likely received from your Mam. 

Some examples are:


A photo posted by (@herdotie) on


A photo posted by (@herdotie) on


A photo posted by (@herdotie) on

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