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16th Apr 2015

One Irish Lad Got A Bit Carried Away With The Sunshine In St Stephen’s Green Today

He's definitely not shy!


It’s a commonly known fact that Irish men can’t resist discarding a few layers of clothing at the first sign of sun but one fella took things a step farther earlier today.

While the climate has definitely taken a turn for the better in recent weeks, we’ve still been bringing a cardigan on the walk to work (you could catch your death in the evening!) but one brave soul presumably decided to go for broke on his lunchbreak and start work on an all-over body tan.

With nothing but a fetching pair of grey underpants to protect his modesty, he let it all hang out in St Stephen’s Green to make sure he didn’t miss one ray of that scarce sun.

We hope he had the factor 50 on!


H/T to our Joe bros for this one!