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30th Jun 2012

Oh What a Sun-derful Life We Could Have?

The sun has been poking in and out for the last few days. It made us think of all the things we would have to do if Ireland was one of those countries that was sunny all year round...

When the sun comes out in Ireland it’s like you enter an alternate reality filled with warmth and happiness.

All of a sudden you’re wearing a summer dress with flip flops and sunglasses. And you’ve got a constant smile on your face. Better still, so does everyone else!

Despite all the sweat and the fact that you have to go to work, imagine it was like this all the time. Think of all the things you would have to do…

  1. Throw out all your winter clothes including jackets, jumpers and coats because it’s just too warm to wear them. Two thin layers would be the absolute limit. Unfortunately you’d also have to kiss your favourite boots goodbye. Who cares, it’s a small price!
  2. You’d also have to go shopping for a new wardrobe to suit the sunny weather. On our shopping list there would be flip flops, bikinis, shorts and vest tops. Did we mention you’d need at least five of everything and in every colour? We love shopping!
  3. To protect your eyes, you’d have to wear your sunglasses every minute you’re outside but that’s not a bother as you’d look so cool in them. As an alternative you could invest in a straw summer hat which, if it’s possible, would look even cooler than your sunglasses.
  4. We know we wouldn’t have to convince you too much on this one. You would have to eat an ice cream every day in order to cool yourself down and keep your energy up. Hello Magnums!
  5. You would have to go for a dip in a swimming pool or the sea every couple of hours to keep yourself cool. It’d be necessary to have a swim as well to work off the ice cream. It really is such a hard life in the sun!
  6. Speaking of the beach, the sand would be so warm that you would have to jump about like an eejit to stop it from burning your feet. Don’t act like you don’t know what we mean. We’ve all been there!
  7. Air conditioning would be an absolute must in every car, building and home. Just because it’s sunny and warm doesn’t mean that we don’t need our beauty sleep.
  8. Everyone would have to have a siesta in the middle of the day. Simply because it’s not fair or possible to work between 12 and 2 in the afternoon. It’s the hottest part of the day you know. Sweet dreams!
  9. You would have to set your alarm a tad earlier in the morning so that you can take your time getting to work and avoid being all hot and bothered when you get in. The glistening forehead is not a good look!
  10. Of course, you’d have to make sure that you lather up with suntan lotion every hour on the hour to avoid getting burnt. Golden brown good; red lobster bad!

Just because it’s not all that sunny or warm doesn’t mean we can’t introduce some of these things. Siesta time, anybody?