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28th Sep 2012

No Couch Potatoes Allowed! We’re Becoming Weekend Warriors with

For the next month will be travelling all over the country with - getting pampered, being foodies or upping our adrenaline levels. Meet - Weekend Warriors.

At we like to think of ourselves as Weekend Warriors. 

Not that we go around re-enacting Braveheart on a Saturday afternoon or anything like that… simply that we like to really make the most of our free time. 

Yes, our jobs are amazing – we know! But after working hard for a week it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of hitting the couch on a Friday evening and spending the rest of the weekend working in a nice groove for our bums in the same spot.


Sofa coma… do NOT fall into this weekend trap!

So, for the next month we’ve paired up with, and we’ll be trekking the length and breadth of the country checking out festivals, sporting activities, pampering treats and foodie heavens (we did say our jobs are awesome…).

We could be enjoying some luxury pampering sessions…

Every weekend we’ll have one girl hit the road on a new Weekend Warrior mission, which you can follow on our Twitter account here and on’s Twitter account here.

Or we just might be pushing our adventurous spirits to the limit…

Join us as we head across the country every weekend, and on our return to the desks on Monday we’ll be giving you the full account of our adventures, with lots of snaps and the heads up on how you too can be a Weekend Warrior with