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04th Jan 2017

The Irish Cancer Society wants you to get cancer in 2017 – this powerful campaign explains why

By 2020, 1 in 2 of us will be getting cancer in our lifetime.

The Irish Cancer Society has launched its powerful new campaign in a bid to halt this dramatic rise.

The visuals that accompany the series of ads have been specifically designed to grab attention with the hashtag Iwanttogetcancer

The video shows a number of people wishing they could get cancer  – meaning ‘crush’ it in all manner of ways.

A young man wishes he could get the illness so his friends don’t get it. A female researcher says she wants to ‘get’ it as she examines slides in a lab, and an emotional older man declares he wants to ‘get’ cancer so he can “wring it’s bloody neck”.

What do you think of the advertising drive to encourage people to volunteer and donate? Too much or just enough?

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