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14th Feb 2013

“I’m Not Stopping!” Meet The Woman Who Has Spent Over €8,000 On Twilight Tattoos

Cathy Ward has said she's going to keep getting the tattoos until her entire body is covered.

If you thought you were the biggest Twilight fan on the face of the planet, we’re sorry to burst your bubble but Cathy Ward has offically stolen your thunder.

Oddity Central reports that the 51-year-old got her first Twilight tattoo as a way to show apprecation for the book/film which helped her to lose six dress sizes back in 2008. According to Cathy, once she started watching the films and reading the books, she became so engrossed that she forgot to eat.

When she noticed that the weight had started to fall off her, she started working out at home while watching the Twilight films and soon she was a couple of stone lighter.

Cathy’s back piece and first Twilight-inspired tattoo

The tattoo (a huge backpiece which depicts Edward, Jacob and Bella) was meant to celebrate Cathy’s new body. However, Cathy didn’t just stop at one tattoo.

She moved to her arms, which are now covered with pictures of Carlisle Cullen, Jasper Hale and Renesmee Cullen as well as a quote from Jacob which says “It would be as easy as breathing with me.” Cathy also has the Cullen family crest tattooed across her chest.

The supermarket worker has spent around 83 hours and €8,200 on the tattoos and has said that she doesn’t plan on stopping until she is covered in Twilight-related ink.

Cathy has a quote from Jacob on her right forearm

“The tattoos are because it means a lot to me and they’re a good reason to keep the weight off,” said Cathy, speaking to the website

“I’m still continuing with them. We’ve got plans and designs for my legs next year – the aim is to cover my whole body,” she added.

While Cathy adores her tattoos, not everyone is  a fan of them. Her own brother has disowed her but her father accepts her the way she is and her husband has gone from complainning about her ink to saying “show me” every time she comes back from the tattoo parlour.

Cathy says that she’s taking a break from tattooing for a few months so she can save money for her next Twilight inking but despite what people have said about her unusual body art, she’s “having a blast” and can’t wait for her next tattoo.