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07th Jan 2022

Home: The colour and interior trends to watch out for in 2022

Keep an eye out for these.

As the curtains have drawn on yet another eventful and exciting year, many of us are beckoning a fresh start and blank canvas for the year ahead.

Earthy tones and warm neutrals with nature inspired hues are beginning to emerge and find their footing in Irish homes as we transition from the dark nights to brighter spring evenings, as the heaviness of winter lifts from daily life.

As our homes continue to remain multifunctional spaces for work and relaxation, colour can be used as an essential tool in achieving balance to our interiors and evoking a sense of calm.

2022 will unsurprisingly see people continue to be drawn to modern whites and greys, but with warmer undertones that will beautifully transform your home into a place of comfort, solace, and rejuvenation.

Warm golds, deep taupes and rich brown shades like Pine Marten, Treacle Pudding, Baked Plum, and Chestnut Pink have become popular choices for those seeking to create a cosy environment in a living room or perfect for a piece of feature woodwork as these hues work well with Irish light.

While deep shades of red have become an interesting choice for upcycling furniture in the home and to enhance architectural features.

A shade such as Foxmount by Colourtrend is an excellent choice to add warmth to your kitchen space and a great earthy tone to accentuate kitchen cabinetry.

These rich shades look exceptionally beautiful when paired with subdued neutrals such as Batch Loaf or Parsons Stone, providing the perfect combination of colour to give your home a simple refresh amidst the upcoming change of seasons.

Versatile green tones will be another favourite and have in many ways become the new black when it comes to go-to interior shades.

Depending on the depth and tone, greens can also be soothing and refreshing, or they can be bold and powerful. The versatility of green makes the shade an outstanding choice for a home office or living room space, but most recently a go-to choice for a kitchen feature wall or cabinetry.

When it comes to 2022 it really is like going back to the 1920s as art deco inspired shades are very much the in-trend.

As well as painting in jewel tones, another great way to hop on this trend without breaking the bank is to visit thrift shops to see if you can pick up some art deco original or inspired pieces.