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26th May 2016

These Irish counties have just topped the votes for the sexiest accent

Know anyone from these counties?

We’re a nation of talkers but there’s no denying that some county accents are slightly more eargasmic than others.

It might be a little bit superficial, but as this famous advert proved, a sexy accent can make a big difference when it comes to building attraction.

Our recent Slice of Ireland survey asked 21,000 readers of,, and to name the counties with the sexiest accents along with the least attractive ones. Here are the results.

The counties with the sexiest accents are;

  • Donegal
  • Dublin
  • Cork

The least desirable accents are;

  • Offaly
  • Longford
  • Carlow

Congrats to all of you Donegal folks, you must be delighted.

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