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08th Aug 2017

This gross nightclub ad has been banned for objectifying women

Really, lads?

Jade Hayden

Lola Lo

Are they for real?

A nightclub ad has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK for objectifying women.

Club chain Lola Lo posted a photo to Facebook promoting its Monday event for students, ‘Coco Beach.’

The ad showed a woman with her mouth wide open, eyes shut, with a clear liquid being squirted into her eye and over her face.

It was originally shared on Lola Lo’s Bristol Facebook page with the caption “leaving to imagination what’s out of shot.”

Lola Lo

The ad in question has also been banned for encouraging what is known as “eyeballing” where people take shots of vodka or other club-associated spirits through their eyes.

Two complaints were made to the ASA about the ad, deeming it offensive and claiming that it objectified women.

These complaints were upheld by the agency as the nightclub did not try to explain what the ad was denoting.

The ASA said:

“We considered that the way the model was posed with her head titled back, her mouth wide open with her tongue extended out and the liquid being poured out of shot, meant that the image was inherently sexual in nature.”

They also said that the reference to eyeballing was irresponsible.

The ad has since been removed from Lola Lo Bristol’s Facebook and Twitter pages.