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09th Sep 2014

“God Loves Gays” Billboard Appears in the Hometown of the Westboro Baptist Church

It makes a change from the signs the WBC are used to seeing!

Rebecca McKnight

The Westboro Baptist Church are infamous the world over for their messages of hate and intolerance, particularly against homosexual men and women. Now, a billboard has appeared in the church’s hometown of Topeka, Kansas, bearing the message “God Loves Gays”. 

The rainbow banner, which sees a cartoon God poking his head up from behind a cloud, was crowd-funded by fans of satirical Facebook Page God, which boasts more than 1.75 million “likes”. Fans of the page raised over $80,000 to mount the sign.


Members of the WBC recruit their children to picket funerals and public events bearing messages of hate

A YouTube video uploaded to the group’s Indiegogo page depicts a cartoon God saying he has “had enough of the madness” and it was time to “fight back with love”.

Cartoon God added: “The world needs to know that God loves gay people”.