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15th Nov 2019

Here’s how to stop your phone from always saying ‘duck’ and ‘ducking’

Thank God

Olivia Hayes

It’s SO annoying.

When you’re sending a text to your mate, ranting and raving about whatever drama is currently going on in your life, it’s safe to say that a few curse words might be thrown in there.

However, the minute we want to say ‘f*cking’, it comes out as ‘ducking’, and messes up the flow of our big rant.

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However, there’s a little hack – actually two little hacks – that will stop ‘ducking’ coming into your life forever. It originally was tweeted out in 2017, but has been doing the rounds again.

First, Twitter user @messily, tweeted this:

And then another user commented on his tweet with another hack:

This will make ranting so much easier.