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23rd Mar 2018

Festival season is looming! 5 tips and tricks to keep hair looking lush


Brought to you by Aussie Hair.

Doesn’t that make you feel SO excited? Festival season is nearly here!

Already we can feel the warm sunshine, that care free spirit as we get ready to let our hair down (literally) and do it’s thing, all while styling ourselves with our favourite pair of sunnies, some glittering highlighter, festival boots and a vibrant coloured, yet flirty outfit, all while bopping, twirling and swaying to some of our favourite musicians and stand-up comedians.

This leads us to the vital fact that we’ll probably need to look after our hair that bit more than usual. Few can get away with maintaining their gorgeous do three days into the party, and let’s be honest – sometimes the queue for the shower is JUST. TOO. LONG. (Eeeek!) To keep beautiful tresses healthy, shiny and volumized – here are some tips and tricks.

1. Deep Condition Before You Leave for the Festival

It’s an absolute must that we leave the house with fresh hair – otherwise expect a matted, greasy and dishevelled look by the time we’re leaving camp on Day 3. Wash and condition hair to avoid hair becoming dry or brittle over the next few days. The weather and water (especially if it’s chlorinated and you decided to dunk in for a swim) can cause damage and breakage, so treat your hair with the likes of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist. It’s a rich, deep treatment conditioner that’s infused with ALL the ingredients we need.

2. Bring a Hair Bobbin

When you’re sleeping (surely everyone’s body needs at least some rest over the crazy weekend) tie up your hair VERY loosely and right on top of your head. This way you won’t have a dent in you finally wake, and you won’t have it looking oily or greasy after having your hair smudged into your scalp. It’s a useful trick that will leave hair looking fresher when you let it down again in the morning.

3. Aussie Dry Shampoo Wash & Blow

All of that, in a can. Yep, Aussie’s Dry Shampoo is absolutely essential. Its scent is divine, it ensures our hair won’t go limp and it will never let those roots get greasy either. Simply apply the spray to your roots and scalp. It will feel wet but don’t worry, this simply means it’s getting to work. It won’t leave any residue so no need to go searching for that hairbrush.

4. Time for Braids?

If you’re finding after a few days your hair is getting greasy or it just isn’t up to the beauty standard you’ve set for yourself – it’s time to braid. By braiding your hair, you’re pulling strands from different angles and directions – not only looking mega stylish and carefree but also creating an illusion of fresh and fabulous hair.

5. Hats and Caps

Ok, so if you’re not a beanie lover or it turns out you’ve been ignoring the hat lover buried within, well, now might be the perfect time to embrace it. Your longer lengths will look perfectly fresh and so depending on what will glam up that outfit, go for either a fedora hat, a fisherman cap, or a modish snapback.

Brought to you by Aussie Hair.

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