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06th May 2017

Could everyone please stop getting offended at everything

We all need to relax.

Not a day goes by where someone isn’t annoyed or angered by something someone else has done. It can be anything from a celebrity wearing something that’s offended everyone or people taking offence to something they’ve done or said. As soon as one person has commented, you can be sure that hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people will jump on the bandwagon.

Take, for instance, the recent controversy that was caused over a photo Ciara uploaded to Instagram. She shared an image holding her naked son, Future, but covered him with her arms. The whole reason that people got annoyed and offended was because Ciara’s new partner, Russell, was also in the photo and they found it “inappropriate” for little Future as he isn’t his father.

No one has any clue what is going on in their house or what type of relationship Future and Russell have. But it didn’t stop people from commenting and Ciara was forced to remove the image and replace it with one of him wearing jeans. For the second image, she added the caption, “Love Is Undefeated. #Family”

Love Is Undefeated. #Family

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Why did Ciara have to delete the photo? What business is it to anyone else? They were clutching at straws for something to say and to find an issue that wasn’t there.

She also found herself in even more controversy when she held her son on her back with people commenting that she shouldn’t be holding him like that while she is pregnant.

Again, what is it to everyone else? Why does everyone feel the need to give their two cents?

Back Rides and Walks Down Sunset… #HappySaturday

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Of the thousands who commented, how many do you think would approach Ciara on the street, or any woman for that matter, to tell them not to hold their child that way. That’s right, none. Because it’s no one else’s business. So if it’s not said in person, what makes it right to do so online?

Ciara has been taking a lot of slack recently but you can be sure it will be another celebrity’s turn next week.

The main issue here is the ease of contact that people have with each other on social media. People are able to give their opinions within seconds of something being posted. You can bet that those people wouldn’t say that in person and instead they hide behind their computers.

It’s so much easier for them to get nasty and personal and then it spirals out of control.

We need to stop commenting and getting offended. It has got nothing to do with us.