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09th Nov 2016

Conor McGregor almost made this New York City police officer cry with joy

Her reaction here is amazing...

We always imagine that if we met one of our heroes we’d be all cool and chilled.

In actual fact we’d probably react exactly the same way this New York cop did when she met Conor McGregor.

We’re not sure if she was on duty, but she was in her NYPD uniform protecting the public and stuff.

Still, that didn’t seem to matter one bit when she bumped into the Irishman and got all giddy ahead of his lightweight superfight with Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

It’s safe to say she was a little overwhelmed by it all. The officer was literally shaking when she met the Dublin-born featherweight champ and told him she was Irish and he was her hero (we’d probably say the same tbf).

Far from the image of the badass New York cop, she beamed “Besides my kids being born this is one of the best days of my life” when speaking to TMZ Sports.

McGregor had said during the New York press conference: “The Irish, we built this town” and ”I run New York, I run this whole city” so we imagine he’s going to have a fair amount of Irish support when he steps out at Madison Square Garden.

But now we know he’s got the NYPD on side, Alvarez has no chance.

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