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11th Jan 2019

The Anna Daly column: Why I’m not going to be seduced by the insta-perfect home

Anna Daly

Real talk.

This time of year we’re bombarded with what people are doing for 2019; their plans, their intentions, their goals. All positive stuff but I need to dwell for a moment on something I’m not going to do anymore.

I’ve decided I’m not going to be seduced by the insta-perfect home. Perfectly polished. Perfectly curated. Perfectly decorated and most importantly and significantly, perfectly maintained.  Also perfectly un-liveable and even more perfectly unsustainable. You know the homes I’m referring to.

We see them in media and especially on the gram all the time and they’re fabulous (or sometimes fabulously tacky) but if these sophisticated spaces represent real-life for real families then I’m living in a zoo. No matter how much I organise, arrange and rearrange my home, I never seem to have a house that looks insta-worthy. And if I’m truly honest, I don’t think I had it before my kids came along either so I can’t even blame them!

What I’ve promised myself (it’ll never last but I’ve the best intentions right now!) is to stop drooling at other people’s perfection and accept that life is happening, meals are being made and homework is being done. There’s noise from healthy kids and chat and hopefully lots of laughter most of the time in our house and that is a lot more important than the strategically placed basket plant or plumped designer cushions.

If I’m really honest, the level of untidiness absolutely wrecks my head. I love interiors, I own a statement chair and I’ve bought designer cushions, candles, fancy tiles, panelling and the likes. I’m a sucker for it all. That said, I seem to spend my life tidying, putting away, picking up, cleaning up and what’s more frustrating than doing all of that is that it still doesn’t resemble anything like the insta-glam houses.

My mood is significantly altered when my house is tidy and clean, I’m delighted and genuinely feel happier. However I need to adjust to it not always being like that.

Sometimes my husband (who’s cooler and way more chilled than me!) says things like ‘just sit down and forget about it’ and I really need those words in order to just sit down and relax.

When you hear stories of older people and their reflections on life, you never hear them say they wished they cleaned the house more.

What you hear is that they wish they overlooked the stained carpet and invited more friends over, had more dinner parties, laughed more, worried less.

So, for this week at least I’m going to stop beating myself up over not having the insta-perfect abode and concentrate on the fact that my day to day life involves being the mother to three children, being a working Mum and a wife and having a happy home. Not a perfect one. RANT. OVER.

Anna Daly is an award-winning anchor on Virgin Media’s flagship breakfast show, Weekend AM. Throughout her career she’s interviewed the likes of Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, and Khloe Kardashian.

The 42-year-old (she still feels 32!) is married to Ben and they have three gorgeous boys: James (7), Euan (5), and Rhys (2). Life is busy and home is noisy… but Anna wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anna is from Dublin and loves a tidy house (a rare occurrence!), good white wine, and great mates. She hates bad manners, queue skippers, and poor coffee.

Her latest project comes in the form of – where she muses about the likes of fashion, travel, and interiors (as well as a bit of that wine!).

Otherwise, Anna is ambassador for Temple Street Children’s Hospital, the Marie Keating Foundation, and Mothercare Ireland. We’re very proud that she’s now joined us here… our newest columnist and member of the squad.