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06th Nov 2017

This airline’s new first-class suites literally look like hotel rooms in the air


Jade Hayden

singapore airlines

Book us a flight immediately.

Or provide us with the means to book a flight because these suites do not look cheap.

If you’ve ever flown first-class (jealous), you’ll be well accustomed to the diagonal beds, privacy screens, and abundance of champagne that gets thrown at you every couple of minutes.

Compared to economy, it’s another world, but apparently, the guys over at Singapore Airlines thought that first-class had to be stepped up a notch.

To do so they’re introducing new suites to some of their long-haul flights and we are not exaggerating when we say they could easily be mistaken for hotel rooms.

But in the air.


singapore airlines

The new suites will have horizontal beds (!), a double if you’re a couple, a 32-inch telly, a recliner, a wardrobe, a vanity table, and lots of fancy decor.

Such luxury does (surprisingly) not come cheap though with a ticket for first-class currently sitting at a cool €3378.74.

Not a bother.

The suites were designed by the Parisian Pierrejean Design Studio and they’ll feature on 19 of the airline’s planes.

Business class and economy have also gotten a bit of an upgrade too, so if (for some strange reason) you can’t afford first-class, you’ll be well looked after down the other end of the plane too.

The first passengers able to experience this luxury will be those flying from Singapore to Sydney this December.

Lucky them.