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19th Apr 2017

10 things you’ll ONLY understand if you’re 5’3′ and under

Niamh Maher

It’s a great big world out there.

Being petite is everything though it has its ups and downs. When you’re a short chick in the big bad world it’s nice to feel a sense of solidarity so we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll ONLY understand if you’re 5’3′ and under.

  • Being asked for ID – Hey… we are NOT complaining, when you’re on the short side and wearing flats with no makeup, you will from time to time experience that side-eye glance. The fact that you’re usually standing next to a group of uniform-clad secondary school students who are towering over you doesn’t help. Take it as a compliment and move on with your day, but seriously… give me my wine.


  • Being told you’re short – No… get out! I don’t BELIEVE you! For some reason the general public feel the need to remind you of your height, “You’re really short!” … we know what height we are, thank you for pointing it out.


  • Always being slightly nervous at amusement parks – Terrifying childhood flashbacks of being turned away from rides haunt us. Even now, as grown a** women, we get a thrill when we are suitably tall enough to enjoy our favourite gut-wrenching roller coaster. TAKE THAT height restrictions.


  • Knowing we’ll never make it as a flight attendant – Officially… we’re not sure about height restrictions if you want to become a flight attendant, but we do know that it’s terrifying trying to reach the overhead bins provided. People around us tend to see our struggle, and we’d like to let you know… we’re not too cool to accept help!
  • Never seeing ANYTHING at gigs – This completely sucks. You fork out hundreds of Euro on tickets to your favourite festival and then all you can see is the back of people’s heads. For some reason all the tallest folk in Ireland seem to attend these gigs, the good thing is we’re handy to throw up on someone’s shoulders, bad thing… we usually fall off.

  • Being at armpit level on public transport – This is just smelly. During the commuter route from time to time you won’t be able to get your hands on a seat, standing on a packed bus or train spells trouble for the short chicks of this world. We are, by and large, at arm-pit level… and if anyone has had a stressful day in the office you can smell it.


  • Never finding jeans that fit – Why do jeans hate us so much? Even the petite section are too long, this is when our favourite person in the world comes in handy… our tailor. You can read up on all our favourite petite places to shop here.

  • People touching your head – Nope. Stop that immediately, this usually happens after a few drinks, and to be fair, the culprits usually do it because they think you’re adorable. Still… not fun, STOP IT.
  • Shopping in the kids section – The wonderous thing about the kids section is that all the clothes are crazy cheap, it saves a heap of money when it comes to basics AND you can get the same exact runners for literally half the price. Small feeted women of the world rejoice! We have no shame.
  • Being picked up against your will – This is not an urban myth ladies, this has happened, again it’s usually a few drinks in, but it is NEVER okay… spread the word.


Yes… it’s true, we may never be able to reach the top shelf… but we’ve got the most INCREDIBLE climbing skills so don’t feel bad for us.

Also, if you try pick us up, we will kick you in the shins and run away really fast, you’ve been warned.