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06th Jul 2018

This tiny €10 device gets rid of metals, bacteria and chlorine

We've got ours!

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by STAYpure AquaNu ceramic.

You’ll want to nab one of these!

With so many of us becoming extra health conscious (and probably drinking much more water due to the hot weather), this little water device has arrived bang on time.

AquaNu is the company behind the STAYpure ceramic water purifier, and it’s pretty savage if we may say so.

Fluoride and chlorine are just some of the not so nice chemicals that can often be added to our drinking water. Chlorine can react with organic matter in water to produce THMs (trihalomethanes). Some studies even suggest a link between these and cancer, after we’ve had long-term exposure (HSE).

Various pesticides, herbicides, drugs and more may survive water treatment, while heavy metals can also dissolve from the supply pipework into drinking water. Even storage tanks can leach chemicals into our water.

All of this means our water quality, and our health, is potentially compromised. And after all, our body depends on us being able to provide it with the very best water possible.

Our body’s organs and tissues are made of cells – and cells are 70 percent water after all. Good water is crucial for good health – think digestion, weight-loss, kidney function, muscles, immune system etc. So yep, water matters A LOT, and for countless amounts of reasons.

Because of this, the folks at AquaNu put years of research into creating a product with worldwide importance, giving you the means to easily raise and maintain incredibly high standards in the water purity and tastiness of your water. It’s a game-changer no doubt.

The STAYpure ceramic promises to banish all the nasties mentioned above and it’s SO easy to use. You simply drop it in and leave it to do all that work for you.

It can be used in any bottle, jug, glass or even your coffee maker. It prevents bacteria, adsorbs lots of soluble impurities, makes your water taste better (by adsorbing taste-altering minerals and chemicals), banishes chlorine and nasty smells, AND it does all this again and again for around 2,000 refills. (Woohoo!)

It sounds too good to be true, BUT, it’s actually just genius.

So, to help start us off on our journey to pure water health –  STAYpure is offering our Her readers a discount on their very first STAYpure pod! It’s only *€9.95 right now, so be sure to try it out and get yours below!

Here’s to pure health!

Brought to you by STAYpure AquaNu ceramic.

We have an exclusive offer for Her readers so you can now get one pod for €9.95 plus shipping (reduced from €15.95). To avail of this offer or to find more information, check out the STAYpure website.

*Special Introductory Price Terms and Conditions: Purchase as many as you like for €9.95. One STAYpure Pod will cost €3 postage, while two STAYpure Pods will cost €5 postage. When purchasing more than three STAYpure Pods, free postage applies. This Special Introductory Offer ends July 15.