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03rd Jan 2017

Scientists have found an interesting link between mental health and sweat

Megan Roantree

An important finding.

It is often said that when we are nervous or stressed we sweat more, so with this, it is interesting to look at the relationship between sweat and mental health.

Scientists recently analysed the link and published the results in the Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which abnormally increased sweating occurs. Scientists looked at whether those who suffered from this condition also suffer from depression and or anxiety. 

The research looked at patients from all over, including Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and Shanghai, China and got them to fill out questionnaires.

It found that there was a high correlation between the condition and depression with 27.2% of people with Hyperhidrosis (HH) having depression. 21.3% of those with HH suffer from Anxiety. This was compared with 7.5% and 9.7% of those without HH suffering from anxiety and depression respectively.

It is unclear whether the mental health effects the condition or vice versa but it is interesting to note that there is a noticeable correlation between the two. This means that if you suffer from both, focusing on looking after your mental health could improve your condition or likewise, treating Hyperhidrosis could aid your mental health.