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20th Apr 2022

Ireland launches its newest period subscription box, Monthlies

So handy!

Monthlies is Ireland’s newest period subscription box.

What sets Monthlies apart from other boxes is their ‘Own Your Flow’ feature which allows subscribers to take full control of their period care by selecting the exact amount of products they require to suit their flow.


An example of how the Own Your Flow feature works is if a person uses eight light/day pads, ten heavy/night pads and ten regular tampons throughout their period, they can now buy exactly that, avoiding unnecessary costs and potential waste.

It’s also great for teenagers still figuring out their flow and what kind of products they may need.

Monthlies also offer two delivery frequencies, four and eight weeks, to suit people’s cycles.

Speaking to us about Monthlies, creator Jessie Bennett said;

“I’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that the products we offer at Monthlies are both better for people and for the planet.

Monthlies’ period products are made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton meaning they’ll break down in landfill or compost much quicker than conventional products.

They’re also wrapped in materials designed to reduce waste. Our pads come in a bio-plastic wrapping, and our ‘twist and release’ applicator tampons are made from recyclable cardboard and wrapped in paper.

Monthlies period products contain no harmful bleaches or chemicals, and are certified vegan by The Vegan Society.

I not only wanted to supply people with products that are better for them, and for the environment but my aim is also to help decrease the stigma that often surrounds the topic of periods in Ireland, and get people talking about their periods.”

To sign up to their subscription box or to learn more about Monthlies you can click on their website here.