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03rd Mar 2022

Fans praise documentary for showing what fibroids actually look like

Sarah McKenna Barry

“Excellent watch for any woman with fibroids.”

Viewers tuning in to Kate Garraway’s new programme – Your Body Uncovered – praised it for showing viewers what fibroids actually look like.

The BBC 2 show used 3D augmented reality technology to project a realistic representation of fibroids. In the episode, Garraway, together with consultants Dr Guddi Singh and Dr Stephen Quinn, met Hilda, a woman who experiences uterine fibroids.

Through the AR technology, the team were able to get up close and personal with the fibroids, leaving Hilda, and viewers at home, with a better understanding of the condition.

Hilda shared her experience with fibroids on the show, saying: “It’s taken away my self-confidence, that means I’ve limited how much I’ve interacted with people. Where I go to and who I want to be around. It takes away your youth, it takes away your social life.”

She also explained that her fibroids caused her tummy to swell, describing the condition as painful and “incredibly stressful”.

Many took to Twitter to share their appreciation for the technology, as well as the broader discussion of fibroids on mainstream TV.

One viewer wrote: “Utterly shocked (in a good way) that Fibroids are getting a mention on national tv. It literally never happens.”

A second fan tagged Kate in a post and praised her for her role in Your Body Uncovered. They wrote: “Your body uncovered. Excellent watch tonight for any woman with fibroids.”

A third tweeted: “Watching Your Body uncovered on BBC2 and the visuals of Cameroonian fashion blogger and stylist @Mammypi fibroids are both scary and amazing at the same time. Science is truly awesome.”

According to the the Mayo Clinic, fibroids are non-cancerous tumours that grow in the muscle wall of the womb. Symptoms of fibroids include heavy menstrual bleeding, long periods, pelvic pain, constipation, frequent urination, difficulty urinating and leg and back pain.