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25th Sep 2020

Distanced dating: The go-to guide for getting back on the horse

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by ellaOne

Start your engines.

So, lockdown has been a mixed bag. Some of us have lapped it up, become fitter and enjoyed a more fruitful sex life, while some of us have been rather lacking in the relationship/dating department and we’re missing the spontaneity of it all. *sigh*

Well, fear not, there are ways to get back on the horse, find a special someone (at least when lockdown restrictions ease), bring back the spark and turn on that mojo imminently!

There’s a lot of great advice out there…and some not so good advice. Myths around sex, sexual health and relationships are rife, hence why we’ve teamed up with the morning after pill brand ellaOne, bringing you facts and information around sexual health, dating, contraception and more, as seen in our ‘Fact not Fiction’ hub right here. So, be sure to take a peek!

To add a bit more spice to your dating and sex life (when the time comes) here are just some things that are worth a try:

Get creative

As if dating wasn’t hard enough, we’re now facing social restrictions of epic proportions! However, all is not lost — it won’t last forever and when restrictions lessen, it will force us to come up with a few different dating options, whether it’s date number one or three.

We’re putting fun at the forefront and as soon as things return to normal we’re thinking a pleasant drink at the park, a beach walk, a dip in the sea/lake, a free and easy stroll about town and of course, once both parties agree, a pleasant foodie experience or a cocktail brunch.


A word of utmost importance!

Of course lusty sex is fun, but now more than ever, we need to be able to trust the person we’re dating. Protecting ourselves from STIs and unplanned pregnancies, as well as Coronavirus, is super important. Use contraception and stay protected — it’ll leave you feeling more confident and self-assured in the aftermath too.

Use contraception and stay protected — it’ll leave you feeling more confident and self-assured in the aftermath too. Should any accidents happen though, know that a Click & Collect service for the morning after pill is now available through pharmacy websites, visit ellaOne for more information.

To reduce the risk of catching Coronavirus, the government are advising people to avoid kissing or being sexually active with anyone with symptoms. And of course, to wash your hands before and after sex!

Build Anticipation

Yes, indulge in and enjoy that foreplay! It’s reported that 10 to 40 percent of women find it difficult or are unable to reach orgasm, one of the many reasons being a lack of physical stimulation. Rule number one, never skip foreplay.

Indulge in masturbation

Yep, it’s a stress buster, it boosts our mood and it results in a better sexual relationship between you and your partner. Think about it, if you’re familiar with your own body and you know what makes for a pleasurable experience, you and your partner can have fun with this later.

And, as a much added bonus, masturbation helps boost cardiovascular health, can help prevent insomnia and it may even help to prevent cervical infections as when you orgasm, this helps to clean out the not-so-good bacteria from the cervix.

Create that romantic ambience

Whatever happened to good old fashioned romance? Put away that phone and all other distractions. Light a few candles, enjoy a romantic dinner (with your current partner at home) with mood lighting, enjoy a bubble bath together, don’t forget to compliment your partner and take the time to just enjoy loving one another.

Mind-blowing sex and a whole lot more sizzle is sure to ensue.

Share your fantasies

And bring them to fruition.

Your mind holds an incredible imagination. Whatever your sexual fantasies, don’t be afraid to share them with the person you’re having sex with. Introduce new toys, role play and enjoy the risqué — we’ve even heard of some folks taking it outside. The likelihood is, your sexual fantasies will make for a thrilling (and steamy) experience.

Ease up and take it slow

This rings true in a variety of ways. Firstly, don’t ever feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to. And also, when you’re super excited and getting frisky under the sheets, remember that you don’t need to rush here either. Ride the wave slowly and try out some edging, bringing yourself to the very near point of orgasm but holding back just before you get there. Many women find this makes for a much more powerful orgasm afterwards. We’ll take it!

Kegel challenge

It costs nothing, it’s hassle-free and you can do ’em absolutely anywhere.

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles — the muscles you feel contracting when you orgasm. So strengthen these babies up with three reps of 15 each day and you’re in for a very pleasurable ride.

Self Love

It goes without saying that the more body positive we are, the more this confidence and self-admiration rubs off on our partner — they end up feeling really good about themselves and us. If we have a positive view of our body, we’re also more likely to seek more pleasure in the bedroom and that’s a win-win right there. Do what makes your body feel good, embrace the outdoors, try some meditation techniques, ignore the weighing scales and give yourself positive affirmations each and every day.

Now, to put all of the above to the test…

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