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21st Mar 2023

Warning to the public as winter vomiting bug cases increase

Norovirus cases are on the rise in Ireland, but what are the symptoms?

Cases of the winter vomiting bug are higher than ever, the HSPC has confirmed.

According to the HSE, 394 cases of norovirus were recorded in the first 10 weeks of this year.

This is four times the number of cases recorded in the same time period during 2022.

A warning has been issued to the public to beware of the symptoms.

People have also been advised to stay home in a bid to stop spreading norovirus.

winter vomiting bug

But what are the symptoms we should look out for?

The main symptoms of norovirus are diarrhea and vomiting.

However, people may also have a fever, headaches, sore limbs, and stomach cramps.

There is no cure for norovirus as it tends to clear up without medical treatment, but people can take painkillers to ease some of the symptoms.

The public has been reminded that antibiotics do not cure norovirus. The best thing you can do is let the virus run its course.

One of the most important things to do is to stay hydrated if you’re suffering from norovirus.

Those with the virus have been advised against visiting their GP because the stomach bug spreads so easily.

How do I stop the spread?

The best way to avoid norovirus is by simply practicing good hand hygiene. The public has been told to wash their hands frequently and to use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t accessible.

If you have a case of norovirus in your home then disinfecting contaminated areas is key. Avoid using the same cups and dishes as the infected person.

You should also clean contaminated items like clothing and bedding frequently to avoid spreading the virus.

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