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26th Jul 2019

Apparently, this is the time of day when you burn the most calories

Rebecca O'Keeffe



We all have different metabolisms, and different metabolic rates.

A new study has revealed that at certain times of the day, it’s possible to burn more calories than other times.

10 percent more, to be exact.

The research was recently published in the Current Biology journal.

Those who participated in the study burned 10 percent more calories in the late afternoon and early evening than any other time of day.

The details of the study are complicated.

Basically, seven people were kept in a lab for over a month – not our scene.


The participants had no access to their phones, clocks or the Internet, and as a result they had no idea of time.

Specific schedules were adhered to, which outlined when the subjects were allowed to sleep, wake up and eat.

Every night they were sent to bed four hours later than the night before, mimicking what they would experience if they travelled around the world in one week.

Complicated, right?

“Because they were doing the equivalent of circling the globe every week, their body’s internal clock could not keep up,” the author explained.

This was all done to discover the actual time of day where most calories are burned.

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