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12th Jul 2018

Here’s a sneak peak of Rockshore’s island YOU and 11 friends can head to!

Brought to you by Rockshore Lager. 

Ever wanted a whole island to yourself and a few friends?

Better yet, that with a whole lot of glorious food topped with activities and sunsets on the beach?

Well, our girl Áine got the chance last week to indulge in all that, plus more thanks to Rockshore. And great news – the exact island she went to is available to you and 11 friends this summer!

So, a group of 12 headed out #ToTheRockshore – a place named Collanmore Island Lodge off the coast of Westport, nestled in the stunning Clew Bay, and totally private.

First, Áine and a group of others met the islands owner (the most hospitable Ciaran), they were then shown all that was available to them (and what can be YOURS for an entire three days in August!) and here, the keys were handed over.

Rising at 7am, bag of sports gear in tow, and of course that all important sunscreen, the rookies were rounded up and headed out for a day of adventure.

After all that it was time to chomp down on a delicious catered meal. To top the night off, the group watched the sunset, chilled out entirely and soaked up all those good island vibes.

After a scrumptious breakfast the next morning, it was time for yet more ventures around the island. There’s plenty to get up to on this getaway that could be all yours – so when there, embrace the great outdoors and take it all in. It’s entirely worth it.

Áine says;

“Roughly 24 hours later, we had fallen in love with that island quicker than the contestants on Love Island fall in love with each other.”

Even when they returned after an exhausting (but brilliant) day, the gang could chill out and enjoy a cosy nap inside the house.

And yes, night time on the island was the absolute craic too.

“It feels surreal to come back and write all this down but it happened, I’ve pictures and Rockshore flip flops to prove it.”

So, to ensure you’re not as jealous of Áine and her glorious travels as we are right now, grab this chance to win yourself an incredible few days away with friends.

To be in with a chance to win, simply enter here. Get on it ladies, and make some incredible island memories!

Brought to you by Rockshore Lager. 

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Images credit: Joe.ire