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10th Jul 2012

Separation Anxiety Solved!

We've come to the rescue with some tips to ease the wailing and sooth your baby's anxiety.


Many babies and toddlers experience separation anxiety throughout the first two years of their lives. When you think about it, you have been your baby’s almost constant companion for at least the first few months after their birth and it is understandable that they are a little upset when the time comes for you to return to work or to even go on a well deserved weekend away. It is always difficult to leave wailing children behind but it is also impossible to be with your baby all of the time, especially if you are trying to juggle parenthood and a career. We have some tips to sooth an anxious tot and help make your mornings a little less dramatic.

  • Whether you are returning to work or dropping off your baby for the weekend it is important that your child is familiar with your babysitter. If you are hiring somebody new to care for your child, introduce your baby to him or her a few weeks before you plan to return to work. By introducing your baby to their child-minder it will help your child become more familiar with this person. Try not to switch child minders frequently and when you are choosing childcare for your baby make sure you research your employees well. Hire someone you can trust to be your employee for the long term. Familiarity is the key to easing your child’s anxiety.
  • If your child minder is willing to care for your baby in your home this is great. It will ease your child’s anxiety by being in a familiar place. However this is often not practical. If your child is attending a crèche or being cared for away from your home allow them to bring something familiar like a security blanket or a favourite toy with them to comfort them if they become upset.
  • Keep your goodbyes short and sweet and develop a routine. Kiss your baby goodbye and say you will return later. Don’t hang around. Leave quickly after you have said goodbye. Don’t be lured back into the room by wails and crying. This will show your child that crying is a way to get you to return and next time, it will only prolong the episode.
  • Avoid sneaking off. This is possibly the worst thing you can do. Sneaking off will make your child lose trust in what you say and by tricking them; you will ultimately increase their anxiety.
  • Spend some time together when you return. After a day away from you it is important for your tot to spend some one on one time with their mom. Make this part of your routine and it will soon show your child that you always come home from the babysitter.