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03rd Sep 2016

Winona Ryder says that crying all the time on Stranger Things was really difficult

"I’m pretty hysterical for the first five out the eight episodes"

Megan Roantree

She had to do it a lot!

Stranger Things was an instant success as soon as it came to Netflix.

If you still haven’t watched it you are seriously missing out.

For those of you who have watched it, you will know that the show brings up a lot of emotions, from being scared out of your mind, to being shocked, to being sad. It is a bit of a roller-coaster.

Nobody knows this to be more true than Winona Ryder who plays Joyce Byers.

stranger things

She is the single,financially poor mother of Will and Johnathan.

And after her son Will’s disappearance, its no surprised that she gets pretty hysterical for the rest of the show.

But Winona said that it was actually very tough to play the part of a highly emotion doubted woman.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday Winona talks about how much time she spent crying on the show.

“Pretty much the first five out the eight episodes I’m pretty hysterical, as I think any parent would be in those circumstances.”

“It’s weird, it was a very fun shoot but it was a weird fun.”

She said that crying was particularly difficult for her because she can’t use the method actors usually do.

“I’m allergic to the stuff that they blow in actors eyes when they’re out of liquid in their bodies, like you have to really be hydrated to be able to cry that much, but I have to really cry” she said.

“It was hard, it was quite hard but it was rewarding.”

You can watch the whole interview below, her comments about being emotional for the show around the 2 minute mark.

Luckily season two of the show has been confirmed and we can’t wait to see what happens.