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09th Dec 2016

Viewers were not impressed with a product made on The Apprentice last night

It's fairly dodge alright.

Laura Holland

This is fairly dodge alright.

Last night’s episode of The Apprentice left everyone at home either very confused or very angry. For the task both teams had to come up with a new type of gin. From the flavour, colour, brand and message they had to create two new gins.

Team Nebula came up with a raspberry flavoured gin which was the more popular of the two but team Titan failed drastically with their orange coloured gin.

The main issues people had was with the name and branding of the gin. They decided to go with ‘Colony Gin’ to signify the spice flavours which would have been found in the colonial countries, like India, at the height of the British Empire.

However, what they failed to realise was that instead of featuring India on the bottle they put Africa front and central which gave the wrong connotations.

They’ve been slammed for their “racist gin”.

They missed an opportunity for a brilliant name, as pointed out by this Twitter user: