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20th Sep 2023

Tyson Fury tried to pay Netflix to shut down reality show mid-filming

Thankfully it didn’t come to that.

Tyson Fury wanted to pay Netflix to halt the filming of his hit reality TV show ‘At Home With The Furys‘ midway through their season last year.

The series, which followed Fury and his wife Paris as well as their six kids—his dad John and brother Tommy—as they enjoyed his brief retirement from boxing before his return to the ring, has been massively successful on the streaming platform.

The world heavyweight champion, however, wanted to shut down production and has admitted that filming overwhelmed him at times.

Speaking to the Queensberry Promotions YouTube channel, he confessed he is thankful that he didn’t pay off the streaming service as the show has been widely successful.

“I wanted to get rid of the filming. I couldn’t take it anymore; it was too much it was overwhelming for me, so I tried to pay my way out of it, but I couldn’t, so we persevered and got through it.

“And in the end, I was happy I didn’t pay my way out, because it’s turned out to be a No.1 hit and a fantastic show – a fantastic insight to a crazy family and the mind of a mental, crazy person.”

The show has received praise for its honest depiction of mental health through the documentation of Fury’s life and struggles with bipolar, as well as depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction, and drug abuse.

Fury is now preparing for a major crossover fight with Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia next month, which is set to earn him a personal record-breaking payday.