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09th May 2018

There’s some brilliant news for fans of Santa Clarita Diet

“When two seasons isn’t enough…”

Netflix have announced that Santa Clarita Diet will be coming back for another season.

The full cast – including Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant – will be coming back for a new run of half-hour episodes in 2019.

The horror-comedy series tells the story of the Hammond family: real estate brokers Joel, Sheila and their teenage daughter, Abby.

But things go wrong when, while they’re showing a house one day, something makes Sheila so seriously unwell that she dies…and then comes back to life, undead.

The couple soon end up spending their days trying to satisfy Sheila’s taste for human flesh, while making sure to cover up the trail of occasional (and unintentional) murders behind them.

The news comes as showrunner Victor Fresco admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that the writers had already begun to work on a third season.

He explained at the time:

“There’s always more story.

“The whole season one took place over two weeks and season two takes place over two weeks, so they’re still only about a month into this incredible change that they’re going through.

“We have not been picked up for season three, but we have started with the writers.

“So we are back at work writing — fingers crossed.”