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05th Nov 2017

People think this performance on Strictly might have been the best yet

It got a few laughs, anyway.

Jade Hayden

Ah, god.

While watching BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, there are a few things we learn to accept.

We know that there’s going to be some fire dancing.

We expect at least four jazzy shirts to make an appearance on any given night.

We accept that one of the couples are going to be god-awful but that they’ll get pretty far in the competition anyway purely because they’re so likeable and people love them.

However, there is one thing that we don’t usually get with Strictly and that’s a routine that has been choreographed purely for entertainment purposes.

Lucky for us though, that’s exactly what we got last night when Ruth Langsford and partner Anton Du Beke took to the dancefloor.

And, to be honest, it was gas.

The pair were dancing a paso doble, but they weren’t just dancing a paso doble, they were having the laugh and not taking themselves too seriously, which is more than any contestant on Strictly has ever done.

During the routine, they stop to question the notes the singer is reaching, look generally confused, have a bit of a spin, and then fall to the ground in a heap.

It’s refreshing, it’s iconic, and it’s been named by some as the best routine the show has ever seen.

And, yeah, they might be on to something there, in fairness to them.