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21st Jul 2017

One of the best Irish films ever is on RTÉ tonight and we’re buzzing

It's a must-watch.

Anna O'Rourke

It’s a classic.

With both Graham Norton and The Late Late Show off our tellies for the summer, there’s a major gap in our lives for weekend viewing.

Luckily, RTÉ has come to our rescue and is showing one of our absolute favourite Irish films tonight.

Ever seen Breakfast on Pluto?

It follows a young transgender woman from a rural town near Northern Ireland who goes to London in the late 1950s in search of her mother and a new life.

Sounds heavy but it’s actually gas and stars Cillian Murphy, who puts in a stunning performance as  lead character Kitty.

If that hasn’t sold you on it, the film also features the IRA, a dysfunctional family, Ruth Negga and Liam Neeson. It’s basically the perfect Irish film.

It’s on RTÉ 1 tonight at 11.35 – you can check out the trailer here.


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