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03rd Mar 2023

Netflix’s steamiest series yet has returned for a new season

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It’s back!

Yes, that’s right, the steamiest series to ever drop on Netflix is officially back for its second season.

Sex/Life took the streaming service by storm back in 2021 when it first joined and nobody expected it to be quite as popular as it was.

Despite no major stars in the series, the show took off and now back with a second – the storylines are only going to get more steamy.

And after “that scene” in the first season which saw 67 million people tune in to see, we’re not surprised it made a comeback.

This season is set to have an even more steamy moment, leaving many people already talking about it online.

One person said on Twitter: “Sex life S2, i would 100% recommend to be watched it’s better than the first season and it carries a very important message “if it’s meant for you, it will be yours, if it wasn’t for you, no matter how much effort you put or try hard to sustain it,it will eventually slip away.””

Another said: “I really just sat here and finished the entire second season of #sexlife in one sitting.”

While a third wrote: “did I stay up too late binging all of season 2 of Sex Life yesterday? Yes. Do I have any regerts? Not one.”

The second season of Sex/Life sees the love triangle between Sarah Shahi (Billie Connelly), Mike Vogel (Cooper Connelly) and Adam Demos (Brad Simon) continue.


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