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24th Feb 2018

Looks like things are going to get a bit awkward on Ireland’s Got Talent tonight

Keeley Ryan

“That is such a waste of a Golden Buzzer!”

Ireland’s Got Talent judge Jason Byrne is set to make the ultimate mistake tonight – by “accidentally” pressing the Golden Buzzer.

The move will send the mystery act through to the semi-finals, despite the fact that they had gotten three red buzzers from Louis Walsh, Michelle Visage and Denise Van Outen.

The preview clip for the episode shows Louis reaching over to hit Michelle’s buzzer, as Denise tries to the do the same with Jason’s.

But in an effort to keep the act – who isn’t actually shown on screen – on stage, Jason tries to protect the button… and appears to accidentally end up giving the performer the ultimate life line.

And Louis Walsh was far from impressed.

He said:

“That is such a waste of a Golden Buzzer.

“It’s just the singing was so bad, I mean if Cilla Black heard that version she’d be spinning in her grave.”

But the music mogul wasn’t the only one who was stunned.

Fellow judges Michelle Visage and Denise Van Outen were floored by the move, as was host Lucy Kennedy and plenty of the audience members.

Lucy added:

“I think Jason’s in trouble…”

The act will join Evelyn Williams, the Xquisite Dance Group and Linda McLoughlin in the semi-finals.