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03rd Oct 2017

Last night’s First Dates had us witness the most painful date of all time

The show was full of sweetness and cute moments between first-daters… and then there were Jade and Lewis.

Finally, it was fashion assistant Jade (23) and part-time wrestler Lewis (19) to try their hand at finding romance. Initially we thought Jade might be our girl. She loved the ol’ tequila shots and kindly ordered one for her date. But then it all got a bit awkward and was filled with impolite activity altogether.

The two began to argue over who would order what. Lewis wanted his own meal. Fair.

Jade said;

“Can you get something I can eat?”

This was the beginning of the end. Although Jade exclaimed her love for chicken nuggets, she told Lewis if he ate the rabbit on the menu, she’d walk away right then and there. She then proceeded to tell him he should get the ribs and stated, “we’re sharing.”

Poor 6ft1” Lewis, who needed his own grub, tried to be polite and said;

“If you want food order food, but don’t eat my food.”

Turns out Jade really should have gone for that steak – she ended up trying to nab poor Lewis’s anyway after ordering it for him, cooked just as she would like. Put it this way, if these were two dogs having dinner, there would have been a major scrap. Food theft is not okay.

Lewis, was evidently peeved over Jade’s eagerness to nab his precious steak. Then his frustration (and probably the audience’s) anger was really felt – Jade started speaking to her pal on her phone. At the table. On her first date.

Jade then explained to Lewis how she gets her way every time and wants someone who will never say no to her.

“I’ve got Louboutin’s that cost me 900,” she said, “so if I wanted something for my birthday would you buy them?”

Ah here, he’s 19 years of age.

Then the claws came out.

Jade said;

“I’ve realised there’s a lot of opposites between us. I text my friends a lot, I like someone that I can eat my food from their plate.”

We think we know what it is she meant to say.

Lewis told her that perhaps she needed someone to teach her she couldn’t always have her own way in life. “I might be younger but I’m more mature,” he said.

Jade then left by telling him she would be back in a minute but instead left the restaurant. Talk about dodging a bullet ey?

We can all relax again now. Oh wait, we forgot about Twitter.

Images: Channel4


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