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09th Dec 2018

The trailer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine season six is here and it looks CLASS

Wil Jones

If the trailer is this funny, just think how good the new series will be…

Brooklyn Nine Nine returns next month, with the cop sitcom moving to its new home of NBC.

After being saved from cancellation, we needed something big to mark the occasion. And this new trailer definitely does not disappoint.

A long-running joke from the show has been Jake Peralta’s (Andy Samberg) obsession with Die Hard. Obviously, Die Hard is one of the greatest movies of all time, but Peralta takes it to the next level, constantly trying to make his life and work more like John McLane’s.

Ok, you can probably tell what the pay-off is going to be from the first second, but it doesn’t make it any less brilliant.

Season six of Brooklyn Nine Nine starts on January 10th on NBC in America. It’s still not confirmed when and how it’ll hit the UK and Ireland, but it is likely to be on E4 again.

We do however know that season five will be hitting UK Netflix at the start of 2019 – so excellent news all round.

Brooklyn Nine Nine was cancelled by Fox in May, but after much outcry, it was quickly picked up for another season by NBC.