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30th Dec 2019

The Holiday is on the TV tonight, if you’re not all Christmassed out yet

Jade Hayden

Bangin’ content.

Christmas is over, lads.

It just is.

There’s no more Baileys, no more presents, and no more having to sit around and listen to your family debate whether Trump’s impeachment actually means anything or not.

Unfortunately though, it also means no more Christmas movies.

Well, it should do – but apparently some TV stations are still set on airing them all the way up until January 2, which is fine.

One of those movies in question is The Holiday – a film that you either love, hate, or have absolutely zero opinion on whatsoever.

Starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and Jude Law, the quirky festive film follows the lives of two women – from LA and the British countryside respectively – who decided to switch homes for the holidays.

Unsurprisingly, much hi-jinx ensues as both women attempt to adjust to their new lives on the other side of the world.

There’s also a simultaneous love story occurring as both Cameron and Kate fall for a couple of lads who also happen to be there amidst all of the fun.

The movie received decent enough reviews from fans and not so decent enough reviews from critics, who found that it was far too “corny” to really say anything notable.

“Grindingly predictable and sickeningly convenient, it’s as false as a plastic tree,” said Sky Cinema.

“While the director tips her hat to classic Hollywood comedies — Iris watches Howard Hawks’s His Girl Friday for lessons in leading-lady “gumption” — The Holiday wallows in too much earnest relationship talk, without saying much,” said Time Out.

The Holiday is as corny as it gets, but in a cinemascape full of macho grunting and aggressive irony, Meyers is perhaps right to believe that corniness is what women – and their boyfriends – will be wanting,” said the Daily Telegraph.

Worth a watch then, so.

The Holiday is on ITV tonight at 10.15pm.


The Holiday