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18th Jan 2024

Gilmore Girls star reveals what happens to Lorelai and Luke in the future

Kat O'Connor

The Gilmore Girls couple are still going strong

Luke and Lorelai were the one ‘Gilmore Girls’ couple that everyone always rooted for. Their will-they won’t-they relationship had us glued to the screen from season one but it took the couple quite some time to make things official.

We didn’t actually see the pair tie the knot until the Netflix reboot ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’, but fans always hoped they’d get together.

We watched Luke slowly fall for Lorelai as she spent day after day ordering coffee in his diner. We watched them support one another during heartbreaking moments- Richard’s health woes, Luke and Rachel’s relationship breakdown, and his shock when daughter April showed up.

They were the original friends-to-lovers couple and they’re still thriving.

‘Gilmore Girls’ actor Scott Patterson recently revealed to EliteDaily that Lorelai and Luke stayed together.

Not only have they remained married but the couple has a couple of children now.

“They’ve got a couple of kids now. That’s the big surprise, even in their old age and they don’t regret it,” Scott shared with Elite Daily.

“Jess [Milo Ventimiglia] has come back into the fold. He’s their nanny. He runs a gym. He opened up the Stars Hollow Gym.”

Rory has also returned to Stars Hollow and is working at the newspaper.

“Rory’s back, and she’s running the Stars Hollow Gazette. She’s doing a lot of articles on the gym and on old people having kids,” he joked.

Knowing Luke and Lorelai made it in the end makes my Gilmore Girls loving heart so happy. There’s no doubt people who grew up watching the show will be relieved she steered clear of Christopher in the end.