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04th Feb 2021

Eurovision will “definitely” take place this year, say organisers

If there ever was a year for Eurovision, 2021 is the one!

Well, at least there’s something to get dressed up for ahead of us. In fact I would say all the Eurovision haters will be jumping on the bandwagon this year, myself included. Everyone’s at home so we’ll have nothing else to do other than watch it!

Let’s face it, we won’t be getting glammed up and hitting the town for a few months still so nights at home are going to still be a thing. There’s only so many takeaway boxes and Zoom activities that can keep us occupied.

And Eurovision might just be what the doctor ordered this year.

There was speculation that the show wouldn’t be on this year but the organisers have come out and said it “will definitely take place” this May.

Mark it in your diaries, the semi finals will take place on 18 and 20 May, with the final on 22 May.

Martin Österdahl, the executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, said: “The Eurovision Song Contest will definitely make its welcome return this May despite the pandemic but, in the prevailing circumstances, it is regrettably impossible to hold the event in the way we are used to.”

The show was cancelled last year due to the pandemic after the Netherlands’ 2019 win. Lesley Roy was supposed to represent us last year and it was confirmed in December that she will take part in the competition this May instead.

Organisers plan on having a fully Covid-19 compliant event in Rotterdam in line with public health guidelines. They hope to get a participant from every country to the stage in the city, but if some people can’t make it they are accepting video entries.

Yes, it’s a while away but listen we’re not doing anything else, so mark it in your calendars, May is Eurovision month!