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27th Apr 2022

Derry Girls viewers say show “knocks it out of the park” as Amy Huberman makes surprise cameo

Katy Brennan

“It gets better and better with each episode.”

The third episode of the final series of Derry Girls aired on Tuesday night and many fans were left feeling a little sad that it marked the half way point to the end.

However, the episode was hilarious as usual as the gang hopped on a train for a trip to Barry’s amusement park in Portrush. Naturally, things didn’t exactly go as planned for their big day out.

The series has not disappointed with its celebrity appearances so far and this week’s episode featured a special surprise cameo from actress Amy Huberman, who starred as a sexually frustrated and oversharing train worker called Tara.

The star posted to Instagram to say filming the show was the best craic ever.

Alongside an image of herself with Siobhan MacSweeney who plays Sister Michael and Nicola Coughlan who plays Claire Quinn, she wrote.: “Well that was THE CRAIC! Thank you for having me Derry Girls I fecking loved it. Marty Collins for the win!”

Sharing another picture of herself with Nicola Coughlan, she said: “With this utter babe – a Derry Girl and a bouffant Derry curl.”

She wasn’t the only familiar face to pop up either, as social media personality Michael Fry starred as the train’s snack trolley assistant.

Fans took to Twitter to praise the latest episode.

“It gets better and better with each episode,” one persons wrote.

“3rd series is fantastic awful it’s the end definitely going out on a high,” another wrote.

“Every week Derry Girls knocks it out of the park. AMAZING. It has to be one of the best tv shows,” a third said.