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16th Sep 2021

Derry Girls star speaks out after show called “distinctively British”

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Aye, catch yourself on.

Public service broadcasters in the UK have made it a legal requirement to produce “distinctively British” programmes under new plans in government.

While giving examples of what these shows may be, Derry Girls was used, and let us tell you, people are not at all impressed by it.

Media minister John Whittingdale spoke about the hit Northern Irish series, claiming it reflected British values much like other UK based shows.

Derry Girls

He said the Channel 4 comedy “very clearly” passed the test as it’s “very clearly set in Northern Ireland at a particularly challenging time.”

Adding that by Britishness, he meant “reflecting all parts of the UK,” Irish viewers of the show were left completely baffled, assuming he had never seen the series.

But one stood out above others, with Derry Girls star Siobhan McSweeney pointing out just how very un-British Derry Girls can be.

She wrote on Twitter: “Derry Girls is made by a British company and aired by a British channel. But it’s not a “distinctively British” programme. But what would I know?”

One fan replied to her tweet with a picture from the show when Michelle says: “that’s English for you, f**king savages,” while another said: “isn’t that right Sister Michael.”

Other fans were just as confused as to how this made the list, with one adding: “”oh no they took Derry Girls and called it British”
aye wait till ye hear about Derry.”

Another said: “Are we watching the same version?”

A third wrote: “Tell me you haven’t watched Derry Girls without telling me you haven’t watched Derry Girls.”

Another pointed out that there’s a reason it isn’t called “Londonderry Girls.”