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01st Sep 2021

The Chase contestant makes history with staggering solo win

Ellen Fitzpatrick

What a win.

The Chase, let’s be honest, is one of the most entertaining things on television.

And viewers got a whole lot more than they bargained for after Tuesday’s episode when a 20 year old contestant make history on the show.

Winning a whopping £75,000, the amount wasn’t the most impressive part, it was the fact that he managed to do it all completely on his own.

According to host Bradley Walsh, Eden took home the biggest win ever on any daytime TV show by a solo player.

At a complete loss for words, he beat Irish chaser Darragh Ennis as the last man standing on his team, ending Darragh’s six month long reign of beating the contestants.

Being the only one to make it to the final, the 20 year old only returned with £3,000 in his cash builder when he first went up against Darragh but took the risk of the higher option of £75,000.

Getting back home as if it was no biggie, viewers were gripped to the final round as he took on the Chaser alone.

Before he won, Bradley asked Eden what he was hoping to buy if he won, which he said very humbly: “I suppose a car would be nice. But nothing snazzy. Just anything with four wheels.”

Answering 18 questions correctly and pushing back the Chaser, everyone was in awe of his achievement, beating past contestant Judith’s record of winning £70,000 alone back in 2019.

Bradley told Eden: “I can’t believe it! This is incredible, he’s 20 years old and just won £75,000.

“It’s the single highest win in daytime history.”

Darragh also congratulated him, saying: “You did very well, it was all about the pushbacks in the end.”